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Test with bow as backstop behind 3D animal:

Test with crossbow as backstop behind target:

Backstops Premium Protect

50cm x 50cm

Backstops Premium Protect

75cm x 75cm

100cm x 100cm

125cm x 125cm

Backstop Premium Protect – Security against penetrations

The powerful Premium Protect backstops protect targets and arrows from being shot through. The Backstop is simply attached to the back of the target to protect the target from being shot through or from the arrow penetrating too deeply during archery. Because every backstop has an eyebolt in all corners, fastening to the target or to the target stand is very easy.

Bows with high pull weights, compound bows or crossbows are often shot through, depending on the thickness and condition of the target, without backstop. Our Backstop stops your arrows so that the arrows do not have to be pushed too deeply into the target or even a bullet through it.

A positive side effect is of course that the abrasion of the target is also reduced.

An effective backstop with a very good price-performance ratio

In addition to outstanding performance, the Backstop Premium Protect also offers a very good price-performance ratio. With a weight of approx. 2400g per m² spread over 2 layers, the Backstop is an effective and long-lasting backstop. Neither the material nor the high-quality workmanship was saved. Nonetheless, we have succeeded in offering you a first-class backstop at a very attractive price.

This extremely slows down arrows during archery and reduces their penetrating power. Furthermore, the backstop also increases safety in archery. Of course, the Backstop can also be placed behind a 3D animal.

Even under extreme conditions such as continuous irrigation of the target incl. backstop, arrows are stopped which fly through the target without backstop. We also tested various arrows such as Slim-Line, light and heavy arrows. This backstop brakes almost everything with its massive stopping effect. This backstop is also very effective for archers with compound bows or crossbows.

Different sizes for your target

We offer backstops in the following sizes:

  • 50 x 50cm
  • 75 x 75cm
  • 100 x 100cm
  • 125 x 125cm

Of course all backstops are of high quality and were produced MADE-IN-GERMANY.


Test with crossbow as backstop behind target:


Test with bow as backstop behind 3D animal: