The right accessories for powerful backstop netting

A powerful backstop netting naturally requires the right accessories. With our reliable accessories you can perfectly install or hang up the backstop netting.

Installing the backstop netting correctly, made easy!

There are several ways to hang up the netting. Because all of our backstop nettings have a perforated edge, you have the possibility to attach our galvanized hooks. 4 hooks per metre are included with each net. These hooks are evenly distributed through the edge of the hole. The robust steel wire rope can then be threaded through the hooks. This makes the backstop netting flexible. To achieve a perfect result when stopping arrows, the backstop netting should be pushed together like a curtain.

Now the question arises how to attach the steel wire rope. There are several ways to do this. On the one side, loops can be formed at the end of the wire ropes using wire rope clamps. This allows the net to be suspended at a fixed point. On the other side, the wire rope can be tensioned by means of a turnbuckle.

Durable and rustproof material

With the fixtures one should also set on quality, as with the backstop netting. That is why all accessories are made of galvanized steel. Thus it is very robust and can also withstand arrowheads compared to plastic. It is also 100% stainless. This makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor archery and is recommended by many archers.