100% Made in germany

Backstop Netting green – extra safe – The classic of backstop netting

The green backstop netting is known from the bow course, from the archery club, from the archery dealer of his confidence and perhaps from his own protection in the garden. We don’t want to miss the backstop netting green any more. That is why we have further developed and optimised the green backstop netting and therefore offer a price-performance ratio that is unparalleled.

What makes the green backstop netting so convincing?

There are many green backstop nettings on the market. Which netting should you choose? We tested the different backstop nettings. Our backstop netting convinces with an outstanding rate of stopped arrows. Of course, there is no 100% safe backstop netting. We have continuously developed and improved our green backstop netting. We are constantly looking at the possibilities in terms of structure, production or material. Another important point is that our high-quality backstop netting is of course manufactured with the MADE-IN-GERMANY label.

Archery – outdoor and indoor

Quality at a fair price is important to us. That’s why we want our backstop netting to last as long-lived as possible. For these reasons we have tested the backstop netting in the absolute extremes and under continuous bombardment. No matter if permanent irrigation, cold chamber or heat test. Under all extreme conditions, the netting performs at its best. Of course, the backstop netting is also UV-resistant.

Another advantage for indoor operation is that it is flame resistant.

Scope of delivery for perfect assembly!

So that you can install your backstop netting properly, safely and easily. We will provide you with instructions for each order.

Furthermore, you will receive the following fixtures for each meter:

  • 1,1m steel wire rope (PVC-sheathed)
  • 4 hooks

and per order:

  • 2 wire romp clamps (so loops can be formed to hang up the backstop netting)