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Backstop Netting black – ultra safe in summary

We have worked intensively with backstops, and we have come to the conclusion that with a powerful backstop netingt you have a very good possibility to secure for example a 3D animal on the parcours or a target in the hall. Find out here how the newly developed black backstop netting came about, what advantages it offers and some more information:

How did the backstop netting black – ultra safe develop?

The decisive thing about a backstop netting is the quota of stopped arrows. If a backstop netting does not stop any arrows, then it is not backstop. It is clear that there is no 100% safe backstop netting. However, we still believe that this rate needs to be improved. Because one thing is clear: the material – bows, arrows and points – has always evolved over the last few years. Ever higher speeds are achieved in archery, bows have a softer pull out, the penetrating power of the arrows becomes ever greater. And that is exactly why we enjoy archery so much. But one thing you must never forget is safety.

Archery – Safety first

Our approach is that especially in the field of archery safety, development must be driven forward in order for this beautiful sport to continue to grow. That is why we have redefined the parameters that the backstop netting black – ultra safe must meet. We tested with very light and very heavy arrows. With different bows, with low and high pull weights.

We have optimized the material, structure and manufacturing process of the backstop so that our backstop netting black – ultra safe, absolutely meets the requirements which have been redefined by bows, arrows, points and also shooters in recent years. A new standard has definitely been set here.


In order to make the new, powerful component clearly recognizable, we have also decided on an absolutely new design. We currently offer the only black backstop netting on the market. This offers the advantage that it is very elegant and discreet and also puts the target in the foreground.