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Backstop-Mat – Nature in action:

Backstop-Mat – Nature vs. Recurve-Crossbow 175lbs:

Backstop-Mat Nature  – The natural backstop for archery

With the Backstop-Mat Nature, archers receive the proven structure of our Maximum Safe Backstop-Mat with an optical upgrade. The forest green surface allows the Backstop-Mat to adapt perfectly to the natural environment. The archer gets the feeling that this is a natural backstop. Through the dense material no arrow comes so fast. Due to the material not only the Backstop-Mat is preserved but also the arrows, which bounce off for the most part directly. The Backstop-Mat Nature not only looks a fine figure in nature on the archery course, archery range or in the garden. With its natural colouring and true-to-nature surface, the Backstop-Mat is also ideal for indoor use.

What are the advantages of the Backstop-Mat Nature?

In addition to the described look, the Backstop-Mat Nature also convinces with a sensational high Arrow Stop Rate. In addition, archers receive a Backstop which is environmentally friendly, weatherproof and extremely robust. With a weight of approx. 1350g per m², the Backstop-Mat provides secure support even in strong winds, as the Backstop-Mat is not blown away.

Scope of delivery: all-around carefree package!

The Backstop-Mat is equipped with solid eyelets, so you can fix your arrow catch properly, safely and naturally also as simply as possible. We will provide you with instructions for each order. Per meter you get:

  • 1,1m Wire rope (PVC-coated)

and per order:

  • 2 wire rope clamps (loops can be used to hang up the Backstop-Netting)
  • 1 instruction