the forest green Backstop-Mat Nature

a natural Backstop which is almost unnoticeable?

With the new Backstop-Mat Nature not only arrows from traditional and compound bows can be stopped. It can even stop crossbow bolts. In addition to the effective arrow-stop effect, the Backstop-Mat Nature also impresses with its natural colouring. This captivates especially in nature by a forest green surface. So the Backstop-Mat is not even noticeable as Backstop or similar. You get the feeling that it is a natural backstop. Thanks to the proven construction of our Backstop-Mat Maximum Safe, this Backstop-Mat is the perfect safety device for archery. The Backstop-Mat also creates an arrow-stop-quota which no Backstop has succeeded so far. The Backstop-Mat Nature was also tested with different bows and different arrow materials. It was even shot at with crossbows. With the result that our Backstop-Mats offer the most effective backstop available on the market today. This has made archery even safer.

Here you can find our Backstop-Mat Nature

available size:

The Backstop-Mat Nature is available at a height of 2m. The length can be chosen freely.

Mounting & Construction:

The upper edge of the Backstop-Mat Nature has massive eyelets, so you can simply thread through the supplied steel cable and hang it up.

more facts:

  • Colour: forest green
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Weight: approx. 1350g per m²
  • even under strong weather conditions, the Backstop-Mat Nature is convincing
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