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After intensive work with backstop nettings, we have made it our business to continuously develop and improve them.

Therefore we offer 2 different backstop nettings:

1. Backstop Netting green – extra safe backstop-netting-green-extra-safe

Firstly we have the classic green backstop netting on offer. We have further developed and optimised this. So it is a reliable backstop netting and provides really good results in stopping arrows. Furthermore, the backstop net convinces with a very good price-performance ratio. The backstop offers security in archery. No matter whether a 3D animal on the archery course, as a backstop behind a target or also for lateral protection. The backstop netting green – extra safe fulfils these tasks with excellence.

It is also very robust and, because of its UV resistance, suitable for all weathers..

Here you will find our Backstop Netting green – extra safe:


2. Backstop Netting black – ultra safe backstop-netting-black-ultra-safe

The upgrade to all previous backstop nettings is undoubtedly the specially developed backstop netting black – ultra safe. Because of its special structure, production and material, the backstop netting puts everything in the shade and offers the greatest possible safety. As already mentioned, there is no 100% guarantee. But the rate of arrows that are stopped by the backstop netting black – ultra safe is sensational. It is also up to the highest demands and offers a very good arrow catch even with strong bows or with the use of light & thin arrows.

In addition, the black colour of the backstop netting gives a very elegant and discreet image. No matter where you use it, it delivers a good figure everywhere and puts your target in the foreground.

Buy now the backstop netting black – ultra safe:

common features:

Of course, these two powerful backstop nettings also have some things in common:

  • perfect backstop netting for your protection
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • the backstop netting is extremely durable and resistant even under severe weather conditions
  • all accessories are of course rustproof
  • UV-resistant
  • high quality – MADE IN GERMANY
  • Material: Polypropylene

The scope of delivery for each backstop netting is as follows:

Per meter you get…

  • 1,1m stell wire rope (galvanized and PVC coated)
  • 4x hooks(galvanized)

you also receive per order…

  • 2x wire rope clamps (This allows you to form loops with the wire rope to hang up the backstop netting)
  • 1x instruction


more accessories can be found here:

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